RFID/RTLS Solutions Integration

We transform Location Awareness into Business Intelligence, a step towards the Digital Twin.

Advensia Real Time Location Solutions use the right technologies, frequencies and architectures to achieve the core functionality of the location market and bring the added value to the customer needs.

We see with the customer’ eyes and know that the setup of such solution has to show a quick return on investment (ROI) via a clearly defined business case, a high quality and reliability.

It is all about applying ADVENSIA Data Intelligence Framework to the special case of RTLS solution intgration.

Within nearly 15 years of experience, Advensia has been able to develop a strong expertise in advanced connected technologies. Our platforms, services and traceability solutions are at your service to transform your physical space into smartspace. We give our customers a technological lead by providing real-time access to decision-making information.

Your employees, hardware and assets are connected intelligently. The data is gathared, managed and transformed into Business Intelligence.  We help you create added value from data. Our RTLS platforms and solutions are comprehensive industry-focused solutions that meet your needs and help you reach better levels of productivity and efficiency.

Advensia RTLS Solution Integration