Advensia offers consulting services that improve the visibility of operations and enhance business performance.

Our consultants have expertise in IoT, RTLS and software platforms that monitor real time location and connects people and assets. We help you address your specific needs and issues and create a digital twin to your physical space able to control devices, trigger alarms and update systems. We combine the multidisciplinary expertise of our teams (New Technologies, Digital, Strategy, Change management, Go-live support ) and offer and end-to-end support .

Our consulting tasks target to

  • Advice on best solution to create a digital twin to your physical space.
  • Improve the visibility of your operations
  • Enhance your business operations
  • Address your specific needs and issues

We offer trainings and Workshops in

  • Healtcare interoperability standards
  • Modern technologies and programming languages
  • Setting up Real Time Location solutions