Areas of activity

Advensia has delivered several innovative projects in different business markets. Today, Advensia has sucessfully achieved solutions for hundreds of customers in different areas such as in Healthcare, retail, safety & rescue, Industry 4.0, logistics and telecoms.


  • Remote Health Monitoring System for chronic disease Management
  • Consists of a smart connected T-shirt, a mobile gateway (smartphone) and a central server .
  • The gathered health data is analyzed and stored in a remote database
  • Our Consulting services:
  1. Normalized HIE « Health Information Exchange »
  2. Interoperability requirements, CONTINUA certification
  3. Health Data hosting requirements

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IT – Support Telecommunications

Management of several evolutionary development projects for SAGEM multi-protocol switches & routers üEnsuring the evolutionary maintenance of SAGEM Switches: “Megapac”

Developing of new routing functions for SAGEM routers.

Broadcasting and reception of UDP (Unicast and Multicast) IP Frames

Broadcasting of RADAR data in TCP frames

Encapsulation of RADAR data into TCP/IP frames; Broadcasting of RADAR on several TCP sessions, broadcasting of several RADARS simultaneously with different IP broadcasting protocols (UDP Unicast IP, UDP Multicast IP, and TCP/IP), Extracting of RADAR data from TCP/IP frames.

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Software Maintenance & Support

Upgrading existing software for income taxes declaration

Architecture design and software development for backend as well as new concepts for logging and annotation

Development and maintenance of web portals as well as intranet portals using e.g. CMS Liferay

Staff coaching and documentation

Support in analyzing existing platform bugs, find root cause and fix or forward to 3rd support level

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Software Backend Development

Backend development and web shop support of 1&1 Internet AG.

Releases preparation, bug fixing and JUnit tests writing.

Support teams in rebuilding the E-Shop Checkout Portal as a backend developer.  

Java backend development for Daimler Financial Services.

Realization of a component diagram for the component “Mobile Services” of the Daimler Financial Services Portal.

Backend Extension of the Payment Module from Daimler Financial Services Portal by Outstanding Payments.

Implementation of database changes, adaptation of persistence shift stratum and services.

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Industry 4.0

Advensia deploys a Real Time Location System to track production orders (e.g. parts of aircraft engines or vehicles) and tools, and trigger control mechanisms detecting when the tool is brought close to a production order and needs to be activated.

The required tool program is obtained from the PMS using the order number and sent directly to the MES (Manufacturing Executing System) to activate the tool.

The manufacturer gets visibility over the production process, a further step towards the factory digital twin.

Similar solution has been implemented by Advensia for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).

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Fleet Management

Within the framework of the intelligent fleet management, Advensia has implemented a solution for Bus Depot management System by tracking buses in real time to determine their exact bay, lane, and position.

This results into the elimination of a dispatcher position in the depot, a faster and more reliable information about bus location and a valuable assistance in determining bus departure and arrival times and time spent in maintenance.

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Rescue, Safety, Defense

üAdvensia provided a solution which precisely locates workers in refineries during their daily work to improve safety processes.

A further solution has been provided for soldiers and firefighters during their trainings as they move through a training room or  urban combat training facility, to provide accurate after-action review offering more training visibility.

This solution improved training results for the fire brigade and soldiers preparing for combat in urban operations. 

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Logistics and Warehouses

Managing some hundreds of palettes in the shipping area is a challenge. The objective is to know every position of all loading units as soon as they leave the production.

Finding them fast in the shipping area and controlling the loading process is quite significant for customer satisfaction.

Advensia implemented a solution in which forklift positions are traced and palette positions are recorded in real time. The application is connected to SAP. This resulted in always clear picture of the shipping area, less effort in searching and improved loading process.

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Agriculture and Farming

The goal of farmers and research institutions is to be on top of every information at every time and to react quite fast on every change of animal behavior.

On the basis of Real Time Location System Advensia provided a location solution by tagging animals and equipping the barn with tracking sensors.

Every movement of every cow is compared with a biological fingerprint to identify illness or any change in behavior.

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