Selecting the right products and services is an essential element of a successful solution.

We are building strong and important business partner relationships build deep knowledge about products, changes and market trends.

We maintain collaborative relationships with our technology partners exchanging expertise, enhancing capabilities and planning for the future.

In order to set up the right solution adressing our customer needs, we use our network of partners.

Ubisense is our partner for Smartspace platform (incl. UWB tracking system) for several solutions incl. manufacturing. Ubisense indoor location is a
UWB-based location system. Ubisense leverages more than 10 years of industry experience in manufacturing, aerospace and mass transit markets.

STANLEY Healthcare provides innovative solutions and technology for safer, more secure and more efficient care in senior living, hospitals and clinics.

Enlighted Germany, recently known as Siemens Industry Software GmbH, is a subsidiary of Siemens. Our partner is established in the Smart Building sector and provides a leading technology platform in intelligent lighting and energy management for smart buildings.

Control 2K provides a range of services for the industry, with more than 15 years of expertise in embedded systems and PLC (Programmable Language Controller) and systems integration.

Wilab has a multifunctional laboratory that establishes comparative studies on connected technologies and sensor networks on the market (radio, infrared, laser, optics, ultrasound, ..).